Heartland Avenue

by Ryan Garrett

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2014 remix of the 2011 debut demo album from Ryan Garrett. Features a slightly different tracklist and tweaked mix for better sound quality. However, despite the lack of professional equipment during the time of it's recording, some of the original flaws are still audible. But hey, that gives it character. To avoid clipping, we had to remaster it at a slightly lower volume, so turn it up! The original CD version included the song "Red Skies Over Joplin" but was scratched from the digital reissue. Now it's back as a Bandcamp exclusive bonus track alongside an acoustic rendition of the song "Almost Home."


released November 1, 2011

All songs written, composed and performed by Ryan Garrett.
Produced and remixed/remastered by Ryan Garrett.
Artwork by Brenda Keltner.



all rights reserved


Ryan Garrett Russell Springs, Kentucky

Singer/Songwriter from Russell Springs, Kentucky. All instruments, lyrics, and compositions by Ryan Garrett unless otherwise noted.

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Track Name: Heartland Avenue
Welcome to the avenue
Cars fueled by American dreams
Where midwestern high hopes and attitudes
Are stronger than they once seemed
Where a road goes on forever
But you can see every mile from where you stand
On this promising scenic drive
Through the scenic promised land

Everyone I know is scared of what they will become
And everyone I know is dying to find out where they're from
But I have made my home here, though my heart is far away
But it don't bother me that much today

I met her on the avenue
She told me about the wind
How it races across the heartland
To roll away where you've been
But we talked and we hit it off alright
We stayed up til dawn's early light
I got to thinkin' bout her last night
And how she probably don't miss me that much

Tonight I'm scared of what I might become
And tonight I'm dying to find out where I'm from
But I have made my home here, though my heart is far away
But it don't bother me that much today
Track Name: St. Louis Skyline
A fiery red sky lights up the western horizon line
A long gray highway reaches out to meet the sun
You're standing absolutely still, about to make your great escape
I'm first to notice but I'm not the only one

And now you're leaving behind
The dreams you ignite
And a St. Louis Skyline
Searching for a place to call home
Now you're driving away
Moving faster each day
But you can't leave me behind
Searching for a place to call home

You're still out on the road with many miles to go
The dark western highway rises underneath the stars
Just keep on down this road, I'm not sure where it goes
But someday it'll take you home, very far
Track Name: Dream
Looking back now through the years
Life ain't what it used to be
Back before these hopeless fears
Lives were happy, minds were free
I remember back when time was precious
Now we all just waste the day
Watching raindrops paint the concrete
An even deeper shade of gray
Will someone please tell me where to stand?
Because I don't know where I'm at
Will someone please tell me the answer
That nobody wants to reply back?

Have yourself another dream
But don't let it go, you've got to let it grow for me
Have yourself another thought
You once believed was lost, give it another shot for me

People these days, I don't understand them
And all their manipulating schemes
They try to control what we believe in
They try to destroy all our dreams
And then they tell us what to do next
And who exactly we should be
But we're not part of some silly little complex
And we don't need two eyes to see
Someone tell me where to stand
Because I don't know where I'm at
Someone please tell me the answer
Nobody wants to reply back

Keep holding on
Keep holding on now
We must be strong
Don't be too afraid to believe
Track Name: All Fall Down
They try to tell me who to be
They try to tell me what to sing
They got another thing coming
They try to tell me what to write
I'm not going down without a fight
This musical empire is falling

We spill our guts out
We sing our hearts out
But we all fall down (all fall down)
This music, these lines
These lyrics are mine
But we all fall down (all fall down)
Track Name: Pennyroyal
From rolling hills and valleys
To narrow streets and alleys
We saw it all through the windshield
Cars passing by, road rising high
Just us and two lanes through the fields

From sunshine to starlight
From dawn til dusk
We rode on without a care
I turned on the air, and you let down your hair
And there was nothing but freedom out there

Along for the ride
You by my side
We kept on riding down the track
So far away, far from today
Now there's no turning back

Now all we have is today
Somehow you faded away
The green hills faded to black
And now we've gone off track
The blue skies faded to gray
I don't remember the way
To get back to places we claimed
And all the streets we named
Track Name: Just In Case
I'm leaving this town tomorrow
Not that you would even care
I guess it probably shouldn't matter now
But it stings when you once were there
But years go by and feelings die
And it still doesn't feel alright
But just in case you want to say anything I'm leaving tonight
Just in case you want to say anything I'm saying goodbye

So goodbye, forever this is the last time
I'll ever get to say how I feel
As you walk away
Just in case you want to say anything I'm leaving tonight
Just in case you want to say anything I'm saying goodbye

It still kills me you don't even care
And I hate to be a pessimist
But it's amazing how we've been through thick and thin
And now you could care less if I exist
But maybe someday you'll come around
And realize you miss me sometimes
But just in case you want to say anything I'm leaving tonight
Just in case you want to say anything I'm saying goodbye

Years go by and people die
Someday I'll be gone too
And when that final day comes
What will it matter to you?
You never fell from grace, you just failed to hit your brakes
Trying to keep up with the pace
And somehow you got lost in the midst of it all
But I believe that we both lost the race
But just in case you want to say anything I'm leaving tonight
Just in case you want to say to me one last time
Before I leave you behind
Track Name: Rebuild Our Lives
Driving through the heartland, sky fades from blue to green
What does it mean?
Breaks used to be in years, now we're lucky for a week
What does it mean?
What does it mean?
After high school graduation, out the door he ran
With a dream inside his heart and a diploma in his hand
But he never made it home and his dream never came true
Life goes on without a clue

Cause nobody knows the answer
To the questions on our minds
What used to be a matter of caution
Was just a matter of time
A raging beast in the heartland
Monsters fall from the sky
What's always been a matter of where to go
Is now just a matter of how you will survive

They said it'd never hit here, too high up on this hill
Where do we go?
The weatherman predicted wrong, what can we do now?
I wanna know
Where do we go?
Cause the clouds are getting darker, the wind is picking up
The thunder rolls out louder, the rain was not enough
To wash away the sorrows of our brothers who were able
To lay eyes on destruction from an atmosphere unstable

She stands among the wreckage
Torn clothes and shattered dreams
Her midwestern high hopes aren't as strong as they once seemed
He held her neath the cloudy skies
His attitude had changed
His house on Heartland Avenue
Now disarray on the plains
But he knows the sun will shine
Yeah he knows the sun will shine

We'll find the answers
We'll take back whats yours and mine
Somehow we will get through this
Someday we will rebuild our lives
Track Name: Searchlight
Neath the moon's pale light I walk outside
To begin my search tonight
The scent that I smell is the air that's so stale
Battered from rain and hail
Do you see me?
Do you see me?
Do you see me as I search for you?

I walk through debris, It's like a bad dream
Your name I begin to scream
The feelings remain, yeah feelings of pain
As I walk through the fog and the rain
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me as I call for you?

I find my way home, I sleep by the phone
So that I'm not so alone
And all through this town, the sirens still sound
As I lay in this bed underground
Do you feel me?
Do you feel me?
Do you feel me as I feel for you?

As I search for you...for you...
Track Name: Fan The Flames
Your skin it does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
And I'm still hypnotized by every breath you took
And how I fell for those manipulating dirty looks
And yet I still keep coming back for more

There is no cure for this disease I'm fighting
Fanning the flames that you're igniting
And every breath you take must be power packed
Carbon dioxide sending vibes of mini heart attacks
And yet I still keep coming back for more

I keep coming back for more
You leave me face down on the floor
And now you're coming back for more
As I'm walking out the door
Track Name: Elizabethtown
Gone just like the wind
We'll be here once again
Twice as fast, twice as wild
Life awaits you, child
From the city you belong
To the small town I call home
Our roots are taken for granted
As we part from seeds we planted
Everything will be alright
If you travel alone tonight
Someone always there
Someone always cares
Everything will be alright

At the break of Spring
Where the bells would ring
Out where the freeway meets
Dark claustrophobic streets
The beauty of the history
The darkness of the tragedy
Shadowed pain in an old man's eyes
From the tears a young man cries

Are you still there?
Is your heart still beating?
Are you alone tonight?

Take my hand and we'll walk down
These haunted streets of Elizabethtown
Where you live by your heart dedicated to
Do the best that you can and that's all you can do

Everything will be alright
If you travel alone tonight
Someone always there
Someone always cares
To make everything alright
Track Name: Esprit/Recall
Watching my step, these days it pays to be cautious
World is moving so fast, if you fall you'll get nauseous
So sick of the world and the way it turns
But I'm still trying to find before it burns
The reason I gave up fighting that night
After everything had seemed to be going alright
But in the end I realized there was always a fight
And after all this time I realize you were right
When you said your heart did not have a home
But does it matter now that I'm gone?
I found a reason to be true
My heartstrings tangled up in you

If I was the last man standing on Earth
Would I get one last go-round
On your light so bright if I were the night
That always seemed to put you down
Would you still lead me through the storm?
I promise I won't cause no harm anymore

Days flying by a little faster each day
But I'm slowly but surely coming out okay
As my thoughts lead back to the words you said
When you cut me off, heart left-for-dead
But all of the giants now are after
You and I and all of the laughter
That we shared back when you cared
And who knows? You still might if I could just be there
In your heart that I once called my home
But does it matter now that I'm gone?
I found a reason to be true
My heartstrings tangled up in you

But look how beautiful this road we speed on
Through this wonderland how fast we go
Don't ever look back behind you
At the winding road that binds you
No need to stop for directions
Cause there's only one way to fly

So when your heart is out of house and home
Just look around and know you're not alone
Look off at these mountains of blue
And know there's finer beauty that awaits you

Because there's only one way to fly...
Track Name: Here For A Whisper
We raced along the avenue
We passed up all the signs
Warning us of what's to come
We should have kept between the lines
But we swerved into the fast lane
Racing all the lights
Wasting all the days
So dreams would come sooner at night
We're here for a moment and then we're gone
No one stays here on this avenue long
Don't waste your life afraid of pleasure

We're just here for a whisper
We die amongst the screams
Of our hearts crying out
For all the unfulfilled dreams
Dreams we left out on the avenue
For our brothers to receive
And try to figure out what they mean
We're just here for a whisper
And then we die amongst the screams

We left our marks on the pavement
Not knowing what was in store
We took advantage of the gold
Then we politely asked for more
We begged for forgiveness
But never could forget
This dream we locked inside our hearts
And no way to open it
But we're not so far apart
No, that ocean ain't so wide
Cause the moon you see up in your sky
Is the same moon I see tonight
Why waste our lives seeking empty treasure?